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What Kind Of Goth Should You Be?

What Kind Of Goth Should You Be? You got: Steampunk Goth Steampunk goth is a fusion of Classic Goth, Victorian Goth, with just a touch of Rivethead. Steampunk is the most playful and creative of all goth subcultures. They love old school horror, retro fut

Gothic Victorian Black Velvet Gown/Dress, for Steamgoths, Neo-Victorian Goths, Dark Fantasy, etc.  - For costume tutorials, clothing guide, fashion inspiration photo gallery, calendar of Steampunk events, & more, visit SteampunkFashionGuide.com

Model: Nina de Lianin Photo: Viktoria Stutz Photography Couture: OrologiSilenziosi Timeless Couture Make up & hair: Julia Heiermann

❤`*• La Belle Gothique.✽ஜீ✽ ❤

I love this gothic Victorian styled look. The posture is feminine whilst also being strong. The idea of having bright hair for my chosen character has become a big inspiration for me from this picture. The fiery red hair looks beautiful against the black.

The vest,  chain. . Hat.  Neo-Victorian Goth girl - Not going to lie, once just ONCE I would like to be able to pull this off :)

The vest, chain. Neo-Victorian Goth girl - Not going to lie, once just ONCE I would like to be able to pull this off :) I'd love to dress this way someday, an absolutely beautiful look!

It's named after me!! I must have one! Katherine Necklace - VIctorian Goth Swarovski Amethyst Crystal Cabochon. $22.00, via Etsy.

Items similar to Katherine Necklace - Victorian Goth Vintage Swarovski Amethyst Crystal Cabochon - 2 Different Chains Materials - Insurance Included on Etsy

Gothic Victorian Ball gown by Vanessa

Elegant victorian Ball-Gown - This luxurious century Gown will be made-to-measure according to your individual wishes. The Gown pictured is already sold and only meant for reference! The Gown's complexity, colour and mat.

.Neo-Victorian #Goth girl in white ▲ ME 2.0 - All White Party #ME2.0 – All White Party contest @MTV Iggy

Wearing corsets over dresses isn’t a new style, but it’s become vastly popular! Featuring unique dresses that pair well with a corset. Fashion tips included.