I've tried this pin: It's a really good tutorial and pretty easy to do! Not true origami because you have to cut the paper. The Star Bowl isn't super sturdy either, but it's a fun activity to do.

Origami Star Bowl Instructions

Origami Star Bowl Instructions - Paper Kawaii ≡ Origami Star Bowl Instructions Want fantastic suggestions concerning arts and crafts?

Paper stars Pysselbolaget 7

Easy Paper Stars for Christmas - Pysselbolaget - Fun Easy Crafts for Kids and Parents

Origami Flower Bowl Tutorial - cute for place settings or party favors

Origami Flower Bowl Tutorial

The best origami projects, even for beginners!

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Like coloring, origami engages the left and right sides of the brain at once, allowing you to concentrate on the creative task at hand and let your lurking worries fade away.

Origami Pikachu: I'm going to learn how to do this so my boyfriend will worship me. MUAHAHAHAHAH

Origami Pikachu

I'm sorry but I'm going to try this! The fact that this is from is troubling me, but I freaking adore pikachu.I'm going to memorize this and make Pokemon for every kid I meet! Craft Ideas,Crafts,DIY,DIY Craft I