The White Rabbit | Make-up Artist - Book 3 - A Very Vintage Circus - Clowns - Theatre - Theatrical - Fantasy - Dream - Make-up - Photo-shoot - Hair - Make-up Artist - MUA - Rebecca Rose Robinson - Gemma Louise Williams - -

Photographer: Alistair Campbell Hair/Makeup: The White Rabbit and Rebecca Rose Robinson using Doll FACE Mineral Make Up Designer: Anna Dixon - Rumpelstiltskin

Ideas for Murder Mysterty: Circus theme

Anna Swiczeniuk - Fez, Etsy Ruff, Sample Remix Custom Made Bodysuit, Boots - Carny

dark circus - Google Search

'The Night Circus' is a great way to go if you want to add a darker twist to your circus themed party, wedding or event.

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Image 2 this is a example of the style of costume i wanted to acheive. By taking a Carnival approch i am able to add style and diffrence to my ringleader makng her very feminine to contrast with the masculin moustache.