I have a secret crush on the mid-century Disneyland aesthetic.

welldressedanddisneyobsessed: “daily vintage disneyland: disneyland’s rocket jets & peoplemover from 1968 with the matterhorn in the background by mike pierce ”

Vintage Disneyland Tickets This is why I went on my Disney pinning rampage, I just love e-tickets lol

Vintage Disneyland Tickets: Disneyland Ticket Exchange Policy Part 2 - Complete Book Exchanging Part 1

Disneyland Back In The Day

I miss the Skyway---Vintage Disneyland: The Monorail zips past the Matterhorn while Skyway buckets glide through it, as viewed from the Alice in Wonderland elevated track.

Vintage Disneyland poster

Disneyland Poster, Vintage Happiest Place On Earth Attraction Poster, Art Print, Nursery, Kids Room, Baby, Home Decor, Wall Art, Not Framed

Vintage Disneyland. Remember the free-range characters?  You hardly ever see the Dwarfs in the park, only the parade.

Disneyland 1960 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I LOVE those Mickey Balloons!

1957-66 Mickey Postcard  Just Dropped in from Tomorrowland :: From Magical Mouseketrips (http://pinterest.com/mouseketrips/)

Vintage Tomorrowland Cross Stitch, Vintage Disney Poster, Vintage Disneyland Poster, Tomorrowland, Vintage Poster by NewYorkNeedleworks Etsy

The original 1955 Disneyland sign..When I was little, nothing was more beautiful (spotted from a few miles away)!

"The original 1955 Disneyland sign.When I was little, nothing was more beautiful (spotted from a few miles away)!