Använder man en enfärgad tejp kan man med fördel skriva dit gästens namn. Blir både fint och ett sätt att hålla reda på vems glas är vems.

Here's a use for that decorative duck tape. I have zebra - maybe a Jersey Shore party is in my future.

Uses for Washi Tape

Uses for Washi Tape

Things you can’t do with Washi Tape: Tape your sister to the wall or use it as your primary tape for everyday things.

Find out how to create your own washi tape wall art!

Dorm Wall Art: Washi Tape Windows

Washi tape is the perfect way to decorate a dorm room, rented space, or classroom because you can add endless amounts of decoration without damaging the walls. Not only is this tape adorable, it’s also affordable, and transportable.

Masking Tape - Washi Tape Set Copper Flamingo - ein Designerstück von Herz-Buffet bei DaWanda

Washi Tape Set Copper Flamingo

20 Washi Tape Ideas And Crafts that are perfect diy projects for the home, school, scrapbooking, room decor and so much more. They all are SUPER pretty and fun.

20 Best Washi Tape Ideas That Would Keep You Up All Night

How to make a Washi Tape & Fabric NO Sew Bunting. Tutorial. #crafts #washitape

No Sew Fabric and Washi Tape Bunting

No-Sew Washi Tape Bunting. Bunting and washi tape - the perfect love affair


27 Wonderful Washi Tape Crafts That You Won't Be Able to Get Enough of ...

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