99 Youth Room Decor Ideas - Youth DownloadsYouth Downloads

How to decorating ideas for a church youth room With Additional home design catalog with decorating ideas for a church youth room Fantastic Home Decor

Use bright, happy colours on the walls in the Kid's Ministry rooms

Scrapbook Inspirations

I would really like these across a ceiling like here, or even a single wall

i want lots of fairy lights going on my ceiling, kinda like this. I could pin strings on each side on both walls to avoid putting a billion holes in the wall!

99 Youth Room Decor Ideas - Youth DownloadsYouth Downloads

The floating pallet wall is kinda nice, perhaps we could do an extended frame or something for the video screen? Leave a gap on the sides for the lights?

Stage lighting and FX. Ideas for your special event's entertainment [ BookingEntertainment.com ] #events

Cameron Smith is a Graphic Designer for Christ’s Church of The Valley in Peoria, Arizona and is married with two daughters. Cameron has been a leader in the Christian church for over 10 years and has been using his artistic skills to further the Kingdom f

fun textured wall to "warm up" the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade space and make it feel more "grown up" too

CityPoint: Our Church Home

Parents resource board

I think it would be a great idea to install a Parents Notification Board in the hall beside the kids meeting room door. It could include upcoming events and series, plus maybe a welcome brochure for new families?

"Instagram Wall" - using Polaroid ... take it and hang it immediately - Photos from our youth group. Possibly put up along a wall in the Youth Lounge?

Youth Room Hanging Pictures, would be AWESOME to print pictures of our youth group and pin them on the wall!