Blood stained zombie bride and groom in the woods by Halo and Hobby Hair and makeup by Tania Claire

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Thanks to lots of films and the Walking Dead zombies have become super trendy! Some couples dare to rock zombie theme on their big day, especially if it’s a

Dead Bride costume Makeup idea (236×300)

This could be something like what Charlotte looks like after half turning, pale as the life drains away, and darkening from the eyes but not completely, and bleeding. She obviously learns to control her looks as she gets back to school, but yeah.

Halloween Bride Make Up

Halloween Bride Make Up

Halloween Zombie-Braut-Kostüm für Damen: Dieses Halloween Zombie-Braut-Kostüm für Damen beinhaltet ein Kleid, einen Schleier und einen Blumenstrauß. (Strumpfhose und Schuhe nicht inbegriffen)Das Kleid ist natürlich...

Halloween Zombie-Braut-Kostüm für Damen

So want to try this for Halloween! #Sexy Scary Voodoo Doll Dalia Costume <3

Plus Size Voodoo Doll Vixen Costume, Plus Size Voodoo Doll Costume, Plus Size Mystical Witch Costume, Plus Size White Voo Doo Doll Costume, Plus Size Voodoo Witch Costume

Hallowen Costume Couples Til death do you part? Perhaps this gruesome twosome will give inspiration if you are attending as a couple!

Peace & Love Hippie Women's Costume

Peace & Love Hippie Women's Costume

Womens Peace Love Hippie Costume American Native Costumes Retro Party Stagewear Clothes Halloween Costumes for women