1970's Feminist slogan coined by Australian writer, social activist and filmmaker, Patrice Dunn, who served in the Australian Senate between 1988 and 1990. Dunn coined the famous catch phrase and it was subsequently popularized by Gloria Steinem, becoming a popular slogan among Feminists.

feminist slogan " a women without a man is like a fish without a bicycle" True words

danish lighting sketch - PH, Panton, NormannCopenhagen, Bang, LeKlint, Jacobsen, Fog, Karlby, Utzon - illustration by Sivellink

danish lighting sketch -PHPanton NormannCopenhagen Bang LeKlint Jacobsen Fog Karlby Utzon - illustration by Sivellink allgoodthings danish spotted by Lighting inspiration.

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Wanted: An Eyesight Chart That’s Also A Mid-Century Design Quiz

A Century of Danish Chairs #scandinavian #design

A Century of Danish Chairs--by Various Artists--No frame--Dansk Møbel Kunst

Danish modern, frequently capitalized as Danish Modern, is a vintage style of minimalist wood furniture from Denmark associated with the Danish design movement. In the Kaare Klint embraced the principles of Bauhaus modernism in furniture design, cr

Let's go to New York!

Let's Go To New York sticker - " Should we just leave everything here and go ? " Let's Go To New York is an eco wall sticker made from a recyclable PVC-Free adhesive. Designer : Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi Item reference : Made in Paris, France

Valborg- Håkan Hellström

Valborg- Håkan Hellström Yes, I am yours. Would you like an idiot put your hand in mine.

Kristina Krogh

Kristina Krogh

Kristina Krogh is a Danish graphic designer and artist who combines different materials and their surfaces to create fascinating designs that you can buy as prints. (Artistic inspiration and ideas for advertisement/design projects for ASD)

Håkan Hellström. Nu kan du få mig så lätt.

Håkan Hellström. Nu kan du få mig så lätt.