.This would work so well as a maxi dress to take pictures! Not so sure I like the clown suit though so maybe make it tribal.

Balck & White (and mood) Slouchy striped suit & floppy hat photographyby Ann Demeulemeester

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Children Photojournalism - The Most Creative News Photography.Also called news photography, this is the most brutal and daunting type of photography.

Vintage hand-decorated one-of-a-kind denim & babes, photographed by Sam Haskins for a Levis in the 1970's. Sadly, the images were deemed too risqué for the company branding and were never used commercially.

Post with 1457 votes and 734773 views. Girl wearing customized denim jeans, early Photographed by Sam Haskins.

"For we must never forget that without hugs there is no strong, however brave you may be.' - Sandra Beijer

' - Sandra Beijer - thank you sandra as I would have had no clue what this beautiful quote said.

Eu fiz uma prece em forma de canção.. E ofereci a Cosme e Damião. Eu pedi à eles, em nome de 0xalá! Que me dê saúde e paz pra trabalhar. E na minha prece em forma de canção, Eu lhes peço ainda, São Cosme e Damião: Pelas crianças, flor em botão. Pelos velhinhos, sem lar e sem pão. Pelos soldados que à guerra vão, aceitem a minha prece, São Cosme e Damião!

Allow little black boys to BE little black boys; don't force manhood upon them, don't deny them the right to the wonders of childhood, the right to make mistakes , the right to be vulnerable and human. Let them thrive.

This girl selling flowers by the side of the road in the ’70s. | 23 People Who Prove Old School Cool Is The Ultimate Cool

A woman selling flowers by the side of the road in the '70s.