Schlafzimmer Katzbachstrasse Fantastic Frank. Furniture from Minimum Berlin. Interior Design | Fantastic Frank Immobilienmakler.



Frisch und luftig

This Berlin apartment is quite minimal but feels very real, with some nice designer pieces laying about. Images via Fantastic Frank.

Geygerstrasse, Fantastic Frank Berlin, Badezimmer, Bathroom


Geygerstrasse Fantastic Frank Plattenspieler II Berlin, Interior Design


A home, garden, gallery/shop, jewelry studio beside a beautiful lake in the northern mountains .

Studio_Oink_Bad Fantastic Frank Berlin

Team it up! Studio OINK

Simmelstrasse_Wohnzimmer3 FantasticFrankBerlin

Lebenskünstler in Art Déco

Küche_StudioOink Kitchen Fantastic Frank Berlin

Team it up! Studio OINK

lifeonsundays: “Fantastic Frank Berlin is a minimalist house located in Kreuzberg, Germany, designed by Studio Oink. The 127 sqm design was made on behalf of Swedish real-estate agency, Fantastic.