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An elf lord of the Noldor.

An elf lord of the Noldor by evankart Artist comment: Actually he’s Lee Pace. I imagined that if he was Noldor elf lord. But I didn’t think this drawing looks like him when I posted it :-) Yeah, and, I think he could be Fingon, too.

This picture is of the elven princess in The Hobbit, she is an elven hunter and her elegance is shown here along with her bow. This is because not only is she a elegant creature, she is also incredibly deadly. Most of the picture has a greenish tint to it, this is due to the fact that the elves live in the forest.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Concept Art - Movie Art. I don't care much for the addition of Tauriel to the Hobbit movies, but this is an awesome picture.

King Thranduil and Prince Legolas of Mirkwood ~ This is like, both their personalities summed up in one pic.