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An statement bookshelf/wall decor! This would be more for decoration because all of my books wouldn't fit lol!

Dia del libro

So true & another reason to love books:) Basic translation from French to English: Un enfant qui lit sera un adulte qui pense = A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.

Книги в иллюстрациях Лори Пройш (Lori Preusch)


"Overbooked" acrylic painting by Lori Preusch This image is available as a studio print at dandelion press.


DIY Bookshelf Projects - 5 You Can Make in a Weekend

DIY "Floating Bookshelf" Add two tiny nails just under the brackets. Open the bottom book, and used the nail to hold the cover closed. This hides the bracket completely, making the bookshelf invisible.

a book-spine covered crave for organizing

Old book spines glued to a box = hidden bookshelf storage. Isn't this a beautiful storage box darling? The face is decorated with spines from old books!