One needs friends, not things, to have a home. | 50 Lessons That Moomins Can Teach You About Life

Tove Jansson “But that’s how it is when you start wanting to have things. Then my hands are always free, because I don’t have to carry a suitcase.

Tove Jansson’s 100th Anniversary and Moomin Exhibition at the Arabia Gallery in Helsinki

We recently visited the Arabia Factory in Finland. Arabia has been manufacturing Moomin mugs for decades, and held a Moomin Exhibition to celebrate the

Ask The Groke

This is the Groke from the lonely mountains in Moominvalley.

"-Nyt saatte syödä papuja niin, että tulette neliskulmaisiksi, sillä pysähdymme tänne joksikin aikaa rauhoittumaan ja minä opettelen teidän nimenne. Sytyttäkää piippuni!" -Nuuskamuikkunen. Vaarallinen juhannus

Tove Jansson, Midsummer Madness, in which snufkin wrecks a park and adopts 24 orphaned children this is easily one of the cutest parts of the moomin books