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Felicia Brynfors
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The myth of the changeling child actually describes autism extremely clearly, with parents accusing that a fairy "took" their child away and replaced it with one that acted differently- search it up. it's really informative

Mount Everest wasn't discovered till 1856 but I'm sure the fucking mountain still existed.

THE IMPORTANCE OF HISTORY<< this has happened in almost EVERY country. Even in India, we had the most progressive and beautiful culture before the Beitish took over. We had ships for trading that were 60 times BIGGER than the British Navy. We were trading in almost everything almost all over the world, but those 200 years of colonisation took all this from us, and left us a poor and "developing" country.

Remember the pink triangles. Gay people were slaughtered right alongside Jews and "intellectuals" who questioned the Reich.

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You don't need religion to have empathy