Decades after fine artists embraced photography as a tool for drawing and painting pictures, illustrators remained wracked with guilt about.

I love these bear sketches by Helmond, Netherlands based artist Lieke van der Vorst. Clearly, Lieke has great affection for this creature. For more work by the artist, see "Illustrations of the animals in our everyday lives by Lieke van der.

At the end of bullet journal draw yourself as you changed each month or day . What you wore splatter the color you felt yadayada

Julie Morstad / city illustration / house

I am very fond of the quirkiness within this drawing. I've found myself to have a liking to very linear drawings such as is displayed with in this building illustration.

For Ema Zine - maria herreros

⁂ mariaherreros ⁂ - “For Ema”, first self-edited zine with a soundtrack by Bon Iver. “For Ema” is not misspelled, is mea

Giada Ganassi

Giada Ganassin contour line portraits: could start off with blind contour and rework from there, adding color.

Hauntingly beautiful image from Adara Sanchez Anguiano.

Eduardo class, week Adara Sánchez Anguiano art from Sevilla, Spain. He used pencil and water colour on top of coloured paper and used the negative space as a part of illustration.

Hair Illustrations by Gerrel Saunders