The sunrise over the ocean

pastel sky, beautiful sunset or sunrise

Not sure but to lie at the edge of a cliff is definitely on my bucket list!

Life goals I want a partner to grow old with but still act young


c-headsmag: “ Emily Bador by Nini Noel for C-Heads ” i wonder how i would look wit blunt bangs

Please don't forget about me and all the things we did. I'll never forget you, Will Sage." And with that Piper typed in the time on her watched and disappeared.

te he

Shironeko fits into tiny baskets.but wait.there's even room for a brother or two.if it fits, they sits.

Bigger is better.

Long And Thick naturalhairstyles

Du är snart där

Julia - alltid mitt i prick - Du är snart där



(24) svenska citat | Tumblr

(24) svenska citat | Tumblr

Jag tror när vi går genom tiden att allt det bästa inte hänt än. Du är snart där. Håkan Hellström.

I think as we go through time. to all the best not happened yet.

- Kerstin Thorvall

ett oväntat slag i maggropen

tänk på mig

mind the gap

Men usually don't like curly hair and women would kill for it. Therefore here we have rounded up the best curly hairstyles for men of this year.

Precis nu.

Precis nu.

Emil Jensen @ordsamlaren

Emil Jensen @ordsamlaren