The Kungsleden trail in northern Sweden, above the Arctic Circle. Runs 275 miles through four national parks and a nature reserve.

Sarek National Park, Sweden  One of Europe’s last true wilderness areas, the ruggedly beautiful Sarek National Park in northwest Sweden is home to 100 glaciers and six peaks, including Sweden’s second-highest mountain, Sarektjåkkå. Stunning though the 750 square mile park is, it’s not for the faint hearted with few trails, just two bridges and no accommodation whatsoever. It does, however, have the Kungsleden or King’s Trail skirting its eastern boundary and running from Kvikkjokk in the…

Sarek National Park features about 100 glaciers and several mountains over 2000 meters in the area of land under Jokkmokk Municipality, in Norrbotten County (northern most county of the country).


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SWEDEN A suspension bridge spans a river in the Tjaekta Valley, which is part of Sweden's Kungsleden, or King´s Trail. The trail covers one of Europe's last swaths of genuinely pristine wilderness, 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle

Kungsleden Trail, Sweden, Lappland. Beautiful

Kungsleden Trail, Sweden, Lappland (they often market themselves as the mountain trail where you don't need to bring anything to drink as there are brooks with drinkable glacier water along the whole trail.) Oh, how Beautiful and challenging too!


The Kungsleden trail is above the Arctic Circle in Sweden and runs 275 miles through four national parks.

Female hiker with snow covered mountains and autumn colors in southern end of Tjäktjavagge on Kungsleden trail, Lappland, Sweden

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Kungsleden hiking trail between Saltoluokta and the Sitojaure cottages, Norrbotten County (northern Lapland).

Photo of The shelter in the valley Ávtsusjvágge. Kungsleden hiking trail between Saltoluokta and the Sitojaure cottages, Norrbotten County (northern Lapland).

Kungsleden, my most ardent hiking dream.  Kiruna, Sweden

The impressive Tjaktjavagge, one of the long Arctic valleys along the Kungsleden route. Photo by Peter Potterfield

Kungsleden (King's Trail). Nallo Mountain.

Kungsleden (King's Trail). Nallo Mountain.