Fler idéer från Frans

David Fisher, walnut bowl. 2015.

Wonderfully decorated hamdmade wooden spoons by the ever talented Ulrika Eckardt

My spoonrack last summer, all of them now lives somewhere else though:)#spoonfest2014 #spooncarving#wooden spoons#sloyd#green woodworking

I thought that I would post up some pictures of a ladle that I am carving at the moment, I have a few Horse a Chestnut crooked branches from...

Navajo Tribal Geometric Wood Patterned Wall Panel by newantiquity

Handmade Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Hanging - Classic Geometric Feather Wall Art Piece - Reclaimed Wood Art - Modern Home Decor by RoamingRootsWoodwork on Etsy

Wood Wall Art Wood Art Reclaimed Wood Art by moderntextures

Ebony and Damascus Sgian Dubh / Skean dhu by BoarsTuskArmoury, $75.00

Scott Roush Blade smith