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A contemporary small apartment with Swedish style Interior Design. A small space apartment, with very cozy and spacious interior.

Another Lovely Home in Göteborg (via Bloglovin.com )

Another Lovely Home in Göteborg (Nordic Days)

gahhh - why cant i have whitewashed wood floors? #renterproblems

A Room by Room Guide to Scandinavian Style

This house is so beautiful and clean, I love how everything is black and white which realy brings attention to those vintage danish modern easy chairs.

Another Black and White Interior Design

I love this room, Scandi classic design pieces mixed with modern pieces, a french Bistro chair, monochrome could be make it dry but in my mind it's just perfect [esp love the black and white art wall, whilst not a new idea it's very well executed here]

Vita golv

like - the continuous use of space, the sue of natural texture whilst still remaining minimal