Mood lighting made rustic, on a vintage ladder.

20+ Ways to Shake Up The Look of Your Bedroom

this would actually be a really fun idea to bring light into the space. a ladder could go against the wall where the metal desk is now with string lights. it would be nice to see walking into the room from the hallway

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6 Essentials for a Functional Entryway

You’re already a decluttering pro. Here are seven ways to streamline your home without actually getting rid of anything at all.

Sectional sofas arrive in an assortment of materials such as leather, PU, fabric etc. and in a myriad scope of colours to fit your decor.

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Höj mysfaktorn med ljusslingor – 12 fina tips

Produktbild - Elisa, Dörrmatta

Produktbild - Elisa, Dörrmatta