Kalmar Sverige

Kalmar, Sweden- not Nybro like another pinner wrote. This is an aerial view of Kalmar slott (castle)

Alvaret, a unique and protected area, world heritage. Great hiking place. Öland Island in Sweden.

Alvaret, a unique and protected area, world heritage. Öland Island in Sweden.

Öland, Zweden, Karl X Gustafs mur

Öland, Sweden, Karl X Gustafs muren

Northern Öland

Northern Öland Island, towered by the lighthouse "Långe Jan" has a special place in my heart. Great buck hunting, great food (kroppkakor, aka body cakes), great beaches and friends.

Kalmar castle, Sweden

The Bubonic plague struck Stockholm in so Johan III, King of Sweden, took his wife and son to Kalmar castle.

Limestone Rauks - The milky way rises behind the limestone rauks at Byrum, island of Öland, Sweden. Keep up to date with my latest photos on <a href="https://www.facebook.com/tannerstedtphoto">Facebook </a> or follow <a href="https://instagram.com/tannerstedtphotography"> my Instagram</a>

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