Pink oriental poppies and lady's mantle. Ladies Mantle is one of those plants that make everything near it look more beautiful.

Cute little outdoor setup. Sun hats hung on the fence make a thoughtful addition for daytime users, while lovely string lights provide atmosphere in the evenings.

Pink hollyhocks against green shutters.

Pink hollyhocks against green shutters--I love hollyhocks. My dream garden has to have hollyhocks!

Great idea for tidying the hose.

Summer Homekeeping Tips Bucket Hose Storage A galvanized paint bucket makes a practical and inexpensive caddy for a garden hose and sprinkler. How to Make the Bucket Hose Storage Next: Foldaway Trellis

With the warmer weather, it may be time to spruce up your outdoor living space. Check out these 30 plus ideas for rustic outdoor decor to inspire you!

Lovely HofP Terass

25 Amazing Scandinavian Terrace Designs : 25 Amazing Scandinavian Terrace Designs With White Fence And Wooden Floor And Black Chair And Gree.