Hedvig Eriksson

Hedvig Eriksson

Jag bloggar också om stadsodling, balkongodling och hållbar livsstil på http://frobomb.wordpress.com/
Hedvig Eriksson
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1,130 Likes, 28 Comments - Jamie Song (@jamies_jungle) on Instagram: “It went down to 4°C last night and I had to turn on the heat again I haven't been outside in a…”

― Jamie Songさん( 「It went down to last night and I had to turn on the heat again 😂 I haven't been outside in a…」

How to Make Hoya Plants Flower http://www.ehow.com/how_6396329_make-hoya-plants-flower.html

Hoya plants, also known as wax plants or porcelain flowers, are a member of the succulent family. The hoya plant has average light requirements and prefers warm soil, making it.

Gröna växter i stringhylla

placing plants on shelving like this almost looks like artwork. I love the way that the plants are contained in a rectangle, it could really add a lot of visual interest to an empty wall or unused space

Intenz Home® Fensterblätter (Monstera) 'Monkey Mask'

Buy house plants now Intenz Home® Swiss Cheese Plant 'Monkey Mask'

Slänter | Yourgarden

Hostas are a topnotch groundcover for shady areas. Plant them on a tough-to-mow hillside to create a lovely, carefree garden bed. If you have a steep slope that water runs down so quickly the soil can't absorb moisture, try breaking up the hill with rock

Garderob teak via Form Design Scandinavia. Click on the image to see more!

Garderob teak by Form Design Scandinavia