Girl skaters from the 1970s

Girl skaters from the 1970s

1970s platforms

platforms - lord how many times I nearly broke my ankles trying to walk in these darn things.

A Wild Poppy

A Wild Poppy - logo design - branding - logo mark - geometric shapes - lettering

Madonna, 1976

Madonna, Detroit, 1976 (click through to find a bunch of great less known celeb photos)

Vogue, 1970

Marisa Berenson // 1970 // Trending : Turbans // 1969 & Boho Rockstar Street + Stage Style // The Jet Set // Glam Bohemian Mashup // Designer Fashion Ideas + Inspiration

Dancers, Mott Haven, August 1979, from the Faces in the Rubble series Photo Credit: David Gonzalez

"Faces in the Rubble In the Bronx, Capturing Beauty in the Bad Old In the middle of a Mott Haven street, a lone couple hugs tightly and twirls to the music of an unseen orchestra. Bronx, New York. Photo by By David Gonzalez