Painted Protea Pattern by Micklyn

Buy Shower Curtains featuring Painted Protea Pattern by micklyn. Made from easy care polyester our designer shower curtains are printed in the USA and feature a 12 button-hole top for simple hanging.

Hisashi Okawa.

From Tokyo illustrator Hisashi Okawa who has a great playfulness to his style and whose work could easily translate into fabric.

Fruity | Patterns Prints #Patterns #Fruit

Summer Foods - Best In-Season Fruits, Vegetables

Pattern of orange fruit. 10 In-Season Fruits Veggies ( Why You Need To Eat Them)

art… dibuix a tinta sobre paper… growhousegrow: Pattern! “Ninety One Good Chinese Girls, ink on paper riff off an interesting (and strangely unsettling) photo i saw of a swarm of singing, uniform, asian girls.

Anni Alber's Eclat pattern

Originally designed in 1974 as an upholstery pattern, Anni Albers' Eclat, was first produced printed on a cotton/ linen ground in various scales and color combinations.

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