Gingerbread tree with star cookies in maaany layers and a cute star at the top. =)  Kakgran av stjärnor med mååånga lager  och en gullig stjärna på toppen! =)

recipe of gingerbread recipe from BBC Good Food, cut out 20 star shaped cookies using Wilton cookie tree cutter, pipe some sugar glaze ornaments, stacked them to form a Christmas tree and then top with a fondant white star.

A delightful gingerbread tree made out of starshaped cookies in different sizes!  Vilken härlig kakgran, gjord av stjärnpepparkakor i olika storlekar!

Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Tree from sweet-gula. You could make these cookies out of paper mache or polyclay, and your tree will last decades.

Wow - aren't these stylized gingerbread trees just lovely!  De här stiliserade pepparkaksgranarna är bara sååå snygga!

3-D Gingerbread Trees

Gingerbread Trees - Tis the season to stop and smell the gingerbread. Adorn your holiday table with our easy-to-assemble gingerbread trees. Decorate them as you please using our quick icing recipe and pastel candies.

Sweet gingerbread trees made from flower-shaped cookies - Söta pepparkaksgranar gjorda av blom-pepparkakor!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree-Christmas Cookies Recipes - add some MM's, colored sugar.possibilities are endless - what fun for the kids and much easier than a gingerbread house ;D amazing Christmas dinner Santa Claus some food 4 reindeer too food

Gingerbread tree with lots of layers and snowy icing sugar.  En mysig kakgran med många lager och snöeffekt.

Gingerbread Tree

Cookies are fun to eat (obviously), but there's also something to be said for a cute dessert display. This Christmas, consider trying out this idea for an Iced Gingerbread Cookie Tower.