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Cannas work well in containers- don't spread that way!- & this one with the burgundy striped leaves really makes a great fall statement. I like the zinc looking container too. Great planting combo with the grass, coleus, & highlights of orange.

I love this mix of orange canna, coleus, and purple sweet potato vine. Wish I knew what the lovely orange flowers are.but I can imagine this planting with nasturtiums or french marigold (especially in the bug deterence border)

Beautiful, colorful landscaping! The tall grass is purple fountain grass (Pennisteum sectaceum 'Rubrum'), available from (image credit). Looks like coleus and purple heart, and maybe begonias?

The tall grass is purple fountain grass (Pennisteum sectaceum 'Rubrum'), with purple heart, and begonias in the foreground, and coleus (or gold spirea) between the grasses.


Cracked the top of your bird bath? Replace it with a rusty old tire rim. Make sure the hole diameter fits on the diameter of the base of the bird bath and you have a great rustic large planter in your yard! Simple stunning with white flowers

Agave and Dichondra Silver Falls... just needs a nice large planter

Garden - focal point planter - gotta remember agave (have already - plant baby) and find out what the hanging plant is. I bet this is perfect for my Florida garden. Hanging plant is silver falls dichondra.