heart shaped sunglasses

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heart shaped sunglasses by Dostinja - WTF IS FASHION featuring my thoughts, inspirations & personal style ->

Tristan and Iseult Blouse

Tristan and Iseult Blouse

👀💧❤️ Tristan & Iseult blouse❤️💧👀 White cotton blouse with hand-embroidered faces and tear drops from our Tristan and Iseult collection.

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Retro styled yellow vinyl mini-skirt with baby pink fuzzy sweater, hairdo, graphic tee, and black fishnets.

Lovely sky blue and white fashions from Redbook, 1968. #vintage #fashion #1960s

Survive today and stuff, with people and poise. 10 Dec, // Elegant Balloon Chair Girls, 1968 by MewDeep