The Stage is Set >> I used to dream of being a set designer and this is why... WOW, so beautiful!

To suggest its a "world of the play" through the genreic stage curtains with the eerie, vast backdrop

things musicals taught me - Google Search

things musicals taught me this applies to all musicals And it kinda works in real life!

Beauty and the Beast

My absolute FAVORITE Disney Princess ~~~~ BELLE! She loves books, adventures, iskind and caring. My dream would be to play Belle in something (play, skit, I just hope I would portray her well enough!

If you want to live in a world where all things are possible, you must unlearn…

This picture illustrates the paper birds that Marco would create and influence to fly across the room. The paper birds could stand for the dreams Marco created, and how he wished to fly.

mood, color, if I end up using a model I want to make her weird accessories

Dissection by Domino A. Surreal Editorial featuring total looks of the Season FW 2013


This is a set design I did for Lindbjerg Academy's production of "Into the Woods" in This was early on in my career.