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' be continued after my nap… '°

After a hard days work. - tired kitten collapses in exhaustion after shredding toilet paper - My Gizmo has been retired for shredding. toilet paper is now in the cabinet.

He held the cigarette in his bloodied knuckles wrapped in bandages. A shaky sigh wracked through his body, making his shoulders tremble. It shouldn't be like this, he thought, trying to do anything to take his mind off the current situation at hand.

light another cigarette, but the one I got's still lit, can't seem to keep my fingers steady. never noticing the war till it's right there at your door and suddenly your hands are bloody -"gutters full of rain"

<b>Don't let the smug satisfaction of these insufferable overachievers get to you.</b> Just try to ignore them and live your best life.

If you have pets at home, you will surely love these hilarious & Funniest animals memes that will make laugh you hard . loL :D :p So here are some the best I would say trending funny animal me…

Bundy on electric chair

photographs taken from the crime scenes of serial killer Ted Bundy show the violent deaths of his victims.