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Hail Satan

Catholic School PM Reincarnated Interpretation: Oh this brings back so many memories! It was our girls that were the devil worshiping drunk sluts who went to jail within the first 2 months of high school for underage drinking too!

Naked for Satan!

Hooded figures, clouded skies Fires burn within their eyes Pentagram with baphomet midnight strikes Goat of menders lifts his head Summons up the living dead Virgin flesh lies tied and bound Hail Satanas!


PENTAGRAM TSHIRT black metal tshirt horror movie halloween costume demon burzum also available on crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies

Kay Johnson in Cecil B. De Mille's Madam Satan (1930)

costumefilms: “ Madame Satan - Kay Johnson as Angela Brooks wearing a bias-cut peekaboo dress and matching cape. Both pieces are decorated with red and silver sequins, echoing hell’s flames.

Boris Karloff presides over an art deco Black Mass in "The Black Cat" (1934)

oldhollywood: “ Boris Karloff presides over an art deco Black Mass in The Black Cat dir. Edgar Ulmer) (via) ”

Preparing for a Black Mass

That goat is really looking forward to sacrificing that virgin. (Not Pulp Covers)