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Maria Freneus

Danmark / Swedish, T1D, geek, speaks 4 languages. Loves everything!
Maria Freneus
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I will teach my fucking daughter this so she knows damn well to like whatever the fuck she likes!! YESSS TO THE CREDITOR OF THIS POST WHERE U AT

I never realized how much this actually applies to me until now. I had an ex boyfriend who swore he loved me better without makeup, then dumped me for "letting myself (aka appearance) go")))) further examples of everyday sexism.


The one about LA Angels is's Anaheim Angels.whoever compiled this list should've done more research.

Once upon a time comes back in exactly one month so freaking excited

OMG I have a power point for every character and one for every season and Every plot and the family tree. But I tend to just start talking and then people stop listening or stare at me really confused.

Women are made of pain

I am pinning this because I have such a similar story and it makes me happy seeing I'm not the only girl that was treated like a "girl" in a dojo and had to show a cocky boy how to really be a man. Accidentally broke his nose.