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A lot of people are either unaware or simply do not look after their cactus and complain when it does not blossom. You will get treatment based on your unique physique, with a concentration on problem locations.

Well seeing as the top two longest serving monarchs are both woman shows a queen doesn't need a king to rule

Women can run a country; look at Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Hatshepsut, Queen Victoria, etc. And way better when there isn't a man trying to hold them back!

Don't tell me how to dress.

Rape is not about what the victim does or does not do. Rape does not happen because the women walk or dress or act in some way -rape is an act of violence. In SA they even rape new born babies and 90 year old grandmothers. Don't dare blame the victims.

7 Basic Feminist Concepts You Need to Know

7 Basic Feminist Concepts You Need to Know: Patriarchy is an abomination. How dare anyone tell me I have to listen to him because he has an elongated clitoris - penis.