recept på trolldeg

DIY: Trolldeg!

Recipe for "trolldeg" to make and paint small figurines

FREE Preschool Mothers Day Card

FREE Preschoolers Mother's Day Card printable

Preschool Mom has a FREE Preschoolers Mother's Day Card printable.

This did not work for me and my toddler. Did not keep him occupied for even one minute! I spent much longer finding the colander and pipe cleaners than he did playing with them. Pipe Cleaners + Colander

5 Genius Ways To Keep Toddlers Busy

hands and feet religious craft tree | Kids activity art with hands and feet

Sweet gift from a child to a parent at any time. Print: "I love you. from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my toes" add handprint/footprint for gift, home, new baby, Valentine's Day.