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Want the best mason jar crafts? Learn how to make mason jar centerpieces, mason jar lights, and more! Mason jars make for great crafts for everyone.

Chai tea for grown-ups!

6 oz Chai tea with 2 oz vanilla vodka, oz amaretto liqueur, oz simple syrup, and oz half-n-half. Garnish with cinnamon sticks.

Top 10 DIY Mugs Anyone Can Make - Upload your Mug for a chance to win free coffee. Love these ideas even kids can make!

Top 10 DIY Mugs Anyone Can Make - we could do a "Mugshot of the Month" regular program and teem each month to different expressions: gender, fashion/beauty, musical, etc.

Taping breasts @Catreana Cunningham an option so our straps don't show with the bridesmaids dresses..

You don’t have to use only tape, taping on contoured bra cups might give you a smoother and better result than using tape alone.