Concept Art - Mind-blowing Cities & Civilisations

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Ambientación asentamiento

The Art Of Animation, Jonas De Ro Concept Art SteamPunk Fashion Sci-Fi I pinned this because i thought it would make a good background concept for my character design.

Pagodas. By Daniel Dociu.

Chief Art Director for ArenaNet, the North American wing of NCSoft, an online game developer with headquarters in Seoul. Most notably, Dociu heads up the production of game environments for Guild Wars:


The Art Of Animation, Kazumasa Uchio. Fabulous fantasy landscape art on imgfave

steampunktendencies: “ The Art of Joe Studzinski ”

steampunktendencies: The Art of Joe Studzinski

quinima: “ steampunktendencies: “ The Art of Joe Studzinski ” I really love concept art because of how much detail goes into it.

Yang Liyang

Yang Liang (this is one of my favorite fantasy landscapes; really appeals to me for some reason - so glad to have found the artist)

Tree Village, Never Never Land

Tree Village, Fantasy Land photo via besttravelphotos I picked this because I love the houses in the trees its so other worldly and amazing I imagine fairy's going home to there families