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mistakes to build stairs, not walls. ⚒ // ✏️: pilot HB / : confidant / : stylings of (promise I'll stop calling you out man but the inspiration's a bit too obvious to deny)

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Tattoo lettering make words a creative work of art and has a wide variety of designs and fonts, and can be used as tattoo quotes.


After I vectorize a piece of lettering I always print it out and note any irregularities, kerning issues, wonky curves, or anything that needs to be changed in general.

Double Trase Latinisiert Fraktur Schrift complete project:

Double Trase Latinisiert Fraktur Schrift complete project via: Behance

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Awesome collection of hand lettering // I'm having a hard time with putting this in any particular folder. So I put it in my broader one, typography.