Team building activities for kids

10+ Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids

Team building exercise that teaches you to listen... this could be fun!

Fun and Engaging Listening Games for Adults

Listening - Even though this says listening game for adults, I think it would be great for the elementary classroom as well. It gives students the opportunity to strengthen listening skills as well as cooperation skills, plus it would be fun!

Five Fun Faves in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day! PLUS a FREEBIE!

This could be a fun way to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. also it gets the students (US) Explain why individuals, groups, issues and events are celebrated with local, state or national holidays or days of recognition

For us, Earth Day is about being a good steward of what God has given us. I like this activity because it acknowledges our faith in God.

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Kompisvecka – Språkutveckling – ASL

Kompisvecka – Språkutveckling – ASL

7 Situationsbilder för nedladdning –

7 Situationsbilder för nedladdning –