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Hideaway Hidden Storage Solutions - Made in New Zealand from food grade, recyclable polypropylene - 2 year warranty - Largest capacity bins available, as well as compact options - Extension draw runners for easy removal - Liner holders & air vent system - Dulux Clinikill anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial coating available - Soft close, side or top mount options - Friction fit lid on selected models - Suitable for door or handle pull applications
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Hideaway 50L bins commercial application

Installing side-by-side Hideaway Bins is an ideal recycling and waste solution in a corporate or commercial setting.

Hideaway bins retail store installation

Install a Hideaway Bin in a retail environment to keep the check-out area tidy and clutter free. Waste, plastic shopping bags or clothing hangers can be stored using a bin or separated neatly using a double bin.

Hideaway Laundry Hamper Flyer

Hideaway Laundry Hamper Flyer

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Hideaway bins, a compact solution in this apartment bathroom

A single Hideaway Bin is a space-saving, hygienic solution for rubbish in a hotel, motel or apartment bathroom where space is limited. Plumbing can be directed behind the bin, allowing more room in the drawers for personals

Hideaway 2016/2017 Brochure

Hideaway 2016/2017 Brochure

Storage Solutions, Hardware, Shed Storage Solutions, Computer Hardware

Hideaway bins corporate kitchen applicaiton

A Hideaway Bin in a corporate kitchen helps maintain a flowing and clutter-free bench top and floor space, keeping waste neatly tucked away.

Hideaway bins, office applications

Hideaway Bins are a durable solution for waste and recycling management in commercial offices, retail shops, offices and motorhomes.

Hideaway brochure 2014

Hideaway brochure 2014

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