New to the outdoors? Check out "How backpacking works"

How Backpacking Works

I love hiking, camping, and backpacking - Check out "How backpacking works" website for ideas!

Maybe too many suitcases?

Tim Walker :: Iris Palmer and her suitcases (baggage / luggage), London, for Italian Vogue

Too much?

Luggage art sculpture in Santiago Airport, Aeropuerto de Santiago, Chile. Probably made with all of the lost luggage.

Excess baggage fees? What are those again? #luggage #suitcases #travel #airport

This is at the Oakland Airport, great travel/sculpture! LOVE old suitcases!


This guy has taken his cat "Kitty" backpacking for 3 years!

How not to include your friends

Taxidermy Camel + Oversized Suitcase = Controversial Art

Pakistani artist, Huma Mulji, has created a work of art that caused some concerns at a recent art fair in Dubai - a taxidermy camel stuffed into an oversized suitcase.