Rule #No.1 - Always bring a hat

I love EVERYTHING about this room from the lamp that reminds me of my daddy's office to the comfy cognac leather couch, to the awesome trunk as coffee table and storage and the freakin' amazing world map wallpaper!

New to the outdoors? Check out "How backpacking works"

How Backpacking Works

I love hiking, camping, and backpacking - Check out "How backpacking works" website for ideas!

Maybe too many suitcases?

Tim Walker :: Iris Palmer and her suitcases (baggage / luggage), London, for Italian Vogue

Too much?

Luggage art sculpture in Santiago Airport, Aeropuerto de Santiago, Chile. Probably made with all of the lost luggage.


This guy has taken his cat "Kitty" backpacking for 3 years!

How not to include your friends

Taxidermy Camel + Oversized Suitcase = Controversial Art

Pakistani artist, Huma Mulji, has created a work of art that caused some concerns at a recent art fair in Dubai - a taxidermy camel stuffed into an oversized suitcase.