Ikea Algot Clothes Storage System - maybe for the third floor closet? and/or kids' closets?

Bill S Krok, Vit - Louise Hederström - Maze -

Bill S Krok, Vit - Louise Hederström - Maze - RoyalDesign.

Hat Rack Hatthylla, Svart - Olof Kolte - Maze -

Hat rack hattehylde, sort i gruppen Entré / Kroge & Stumtjenere hos AB


Combi väggpanel, går att kombinera med hängare etc.

Wave Hanger Svart 2-Pack - Nanni Holén - Design House Stockholm -

Nanni Holén Wave Hanger - Wave Hanger makes every hall look whimsical and pleasing to the eye. You can also make this useful, cheery-looking hanger as long as you want. Wave Hanger, designed by Nanni Holén, adorns both halls and bedrooms.