Midsummer flowers, all growing wild.

A proper Midsummer arrangement, also to be used when creating the flower wreaths decorations.

Food for #midsummer in #Sweden

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Midsummer bonfire.

A Finnish midsummer bonfire. This alone is worth the trip to Finland.the sun is up all night on this, the longest night of the year.


Strawberry season starts in Virginia in April. Loving these sweet berry details, especially the story behind Jenny's bouquet.so sweet!

Midsommarhelgen är snart här!

Midsommarhelgen är snart här! (GOURMETMORSAN)

midsummer fest in sweden

Midsummer fest in Scandinavia Midsummer, or midsommer in Sweden and Juhannus in Finland, is one of the biggest Holidays in these two Nordic countries,

A Midsummer party would not be complete without music and dancing! Young and old alike join in, dancing and singing around the traditional maypole with great enthusiasm.

How to Celebrate the Summer Like a Swede

Celebrate With Kids Around The World: Midsommar in Sweden (Floral Wreath Craft) -