I buy lots of amaryllis bulbs every fall- pot them give them as Xmas presents when they start to spike. You can order exotic varieties. I plant mine outside (zone after they bloom in the spring afterwards (usually the next year,) Its so nice to have som

flower arrangements

Take the mantra “less is more” to heart and let a single flower shine.These ‘Showmaster’ amaryllis make a huge minimalist Arrangement

Watching an amaryllis bulb come into flower is like seeing a horticultural miracle. It seems impossible that six or more enormous, 6-8" blooms could emerge from a single bulb. The fact that these dramatic flowers need no special attention or skill only adds to the magic!

Amaryllis Collection, Set of 6 Beautiful Plants for Winter.great gift to give for holidays.they bloom in 6 weeks.

'All About Amaryllis' story by James Baggett from BHG. Lovely winter color indoors with amaryllis 'Elvas' & 'Nymph' from Longfield Gardens

How to Grow and Care for Amaryllis

'All About Amaryllis' Better Homes and Gardens. James grows Longfield Gardens amaryllis Nymph, Elvas, Vera & Magic Green in his personal collection.

Amaryllis Gervase

Amaryllis Gervase is one of the prettier varieties. Larger bulbs usually equals larger flowers. We often get an amaryllis bulb to start growing for the holidays. They grow very rapidly.




AKTAD cake stand with lid - like a full bodied wine, a deep red floral arrangement in glass makes a bold statement.