The Other Homeland - Sweden

I was born in the US but my mother was full Swede. Would someday love to visit and unearth the traditions of my ancestors in place, thought and deed.
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Silvermine Hotel in Sala, Sweden boasts a mine suite that is 155 m below ground. Don't worry, even though you are so deep underground your cell phone won't work, they make sure you have an intercom phone for communication with hotel staff. You might want to layer your clothes as well, it's only about 2 degree C in your room.

Underground suite at Sala Silvermine Hotel, accessed by a mine shaft – Vdstmanland County, Sweden

Harbour of Gothenburg

View over the Gothenburg harbour area with the barque Viking and Göteborgsoperan, Gothenburg Opera, Photo taken by: Göran Assner

Skuleskogen National Park - Naturvårdsverket

There are 29 national parks in Sweden. You will find more information about each national park in the alphabetical list.

Stora Vånskär, Stockholm archipelago

Stora Vånskär is an archipelago islet. Stockholm Archipelago has between 30 - 50 thousand islands, islets and skerries. Photo by Ola Ericson

Icehotel in northern Sweden, this amazing place has rooms and suites made entirely of ice and snow!

Winter at ICEHOTEL is an experience unlike any other. You stay in beautiful suites surrounded by artwork made of snow and ice, which lets you experience winter up close. Pictured is the Deluxe suite

Sonfjället National Park

Sonfjället, Jämtlands län - Naturvårdsverket National Park, Sweden, is a…

Ängsö National Park - Naturvårdsverket

Ängsö National Park - Naturvårdsverket

Beech forest in Söderåsen National Park. Photo: Sven Persson/IBL Bildbyrå.

Visitors to Söderåsen National Park discover a varied and, in places, dramatic landscape of deep fissure valleys, impressive talus slopes, lush broad-leaved forest and flowing watercourses.

Stockholm at night...glorious!

Stockholm, Sweden, is a popular tourism spot because of the culture, the scenery and for the younger crowd, the nightlife.

Sergel's Torg (Square, or marketplace) Stockholm

Sergel's Torg (Square, or marketplace) Stockholm