a wonderful weekend in sweden with friends

a wonderful weekend in sweden with friends (Our Food Stories)

Red cottage , Sweden - Living in the woods for a few days are great, but a bit…

Red cottage , Sweden I wonder if i could paint my house this color and get away…

Provinces of Sweden - I live in Skåne, the very southernmost tip.

Provinces of Sweden - the vast majority of my Swedish ancestors are from Vasterbotten and what is marked as Lapland.

"those who wish to sing...always find a song" ~Swedish Proverb~

Sing, sing a song. Sing out loud, sing out strong. Sing of good things not bad, sing of happy not sad.

2 Moose in foggy lake autumn

Moose Point face-off, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan. Even if there were no moose in here it is a beautiful photo

traditional scandinavian house  garden - I could be very happy there (the house…

Une jolie maison scandinave fraîche et acidulée

We Swedes love our berries!

I love Swedish berries - fresh from the forest, on cakes, with milk or cream, in preserves.Cloudberry jam is delicious!

Hot Holiday Drinks - Here's one my Swedish Relatives introduced me to.

- 1 cup water - 1 cup port wine - 1 bottle inexpensive dry red wine - lemon peel - mulling spices - raisins - blanched almonds - akvavit Soak raisins in akvavit for 30 min.

Swedish semlor | Gröna Skafferiet

What a cute way to do cream puffs! I love the little heart shape lids.

Mmmm -Semlor - Swedish cardamom almond cream pastries

Semlor - Swedish cardamom almond cream pastries [Sorry about all the semla pins, I haven't had even one yet this year so pinning them is the closest I'm getting to eat one today on the traditional semla day, Shrove tuesday.

How To Make Swedish Apple Pie-It's So Easy | via www.foodstoragemoms.com

How To Make Swedish Apple Pie-It's So Easy

Different Swedish Apple Pie Recipe Option (Can also experiment with substitutions for sugar, butter, etc. to find just the right healthy mix without losing flavor).