The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

We've previously covered classic Penguin book sleeves as both deck chairs and mugs - but not as canvas art.

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

Imagines the lives of a group of students growing up in a darkly skewered version of contemporary England. This novel dramatises the author's attempts to come to terms with her childhood at the seemingly idyllic Hailsham School, and with the fate that has

The Element - Ken Robinson

For anyone who suspects our school system is a lil' stifling to the artistic, creative, entrepreneurial types - this is an absolutely awesome manifesto of what education SHOULD involve. Love Ken Robinson and his philosophies.

Quiet, Susan Cain

Be still my little introverted heart, this book IS me. Bigtime liberation and comfort.

How to be a bad Christian- Dave Tomlinson

How to be a bad Christian- Dave Tomlinson . I can't reccomend this book enough.

"Vanished Years" - Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett: the queen of mean

Vanished Years Get wonderful discounts at Abbey’s Bookshop using Coupon and Promo Codes.

How I Paid for College

How I paid for college: a tale of sex, theft, friendship and musical theatre by Marc Acito

Letters to a Young Contrarian

Books you need to read: Letters to a Young Contrarian (Art of Mentoring) - Christopher Hitchens; incredibly instructive in teaching you how to write things without caring about what other people think