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upcycled shirt LOVE the waist and pockets on this one.  oh, and the color.

Custom Upcycled Shirt Dress 18 m.

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial- Now there's a great use for those ripped up/stained jeans/too short jeans! For all those jeans i have with holes in them

Turn a Button-Up Shirt into a Little Gal's Dress

Little girl dresses made from recycled men shirts, love this idea ! Maybe used dad's old shirt, or a loved ones who has passed away.

Peasant dress upcycled from men's shirt

Peasant dress upcycled from men's shirt. Daddy's little girl dress made from Daddy's shirt. Nolan does dad have any old shirts?

Just take the top of a tank top and the bottom of a mens work shirt-tada one of a kind dress!

just take the top of a tank top and the bottom of a mens shirt. Or the top of a mens shirt and the bottom of a tank top. Or the top of a.

Eco friendly brown linen dress tunic by rubuartele on Etsy

Eco friendly brown linen dress- tunica - This dress is indispensable garment in late spring, early autumn and summer. Dress is sewed from eco linen. The dress adorned with decorative stitching. There are pockets on the front.

peasant blouse.

I love this style of striped top, I would wear it with white skinny jeans. I love the grey stripe, too.