Mae West dressed as a bat

Mae West in bat costume: “Belle of the Nineties” stars Mae Westi n her fourth feature film. Set in the Gay Nineties, circa in St. Louis, Ruby Carter (Mae West) is a burlesque queen” My Grandmother's favorite movie star!


Fruit Bat with watermelon. I love bats. I wany the whole world to be in love with bats.

Bumblebee bat

The bumblebee bat (Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat): the incredible bumblebee bat is the SMALLEST mammal in the world, weighing about the weight of a penny. It is listed in the TOP 12 MOST endangered list.


Funny pictures about Batman Begins. Oh, and cool pics about Batman Begins. Also, Batman Begins.


Funny pictures about Bats in blankets. Oh, and cool pics about Bats in blankets. Also, Bats in blankets photos.


Bat Luck An intrepid researcher and her team battle the elements and bouts of misfortune to explore the biodiversity of a brand new African country.

34 år och fladder

34 år och fladder