Your next tea party, instead of finger sandwiches try this beautiful Sandwich Cake...

Swedish Sandwich Layer Cake (Smörgåstårta)

Smörgåstårta is a Swedish sandwich layer cake which was a common dish found in parties during the and is now becoming popular again. This particular cake consists of smoked salmon and böckling (smoked Baltic herring).

Cake doesn't have to be sweet.

You will love to learn how to make this Smörgåstårta Scandinavian Sandwich Cake and it& perfect for all your get-togethers. Watch the video tutorial.

this is a savory sandwich cake made with layered crustless sandwich bread, "icing" (made with flavored cream cheese, sour cream, creme fraiche etc) and filled/topped with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.

Savory sandwich cake made with layered crustless sandwich bread, "My mother used to make these for parties, and I thought she was so "cosmopolitan"

Savory Cheesecake crusted with potato chips.

Savory Chive Cheesecake with Potato Chips Crust - A kettle chip crusted savory cheesecake reminiscent of a sour cream and onion chips and dip, but a much more elegant appetizer.