Vesper By Axel Bjurström for Klong


By Axel Bjurström for Klong Vesper is the Roman name for the evening and morning star (Venus). Klongs Vesper is a modern version of the classic chamber candlestick made of solid polished aluminum or brass.

Svenskt Tenn

Set the table with cups, glasses and plates from Svenskt Tenn.

New Smeg kettle. Yes please.

Italian-based SMEG is known for their retro-look appliances designed in collaboration with some of the world's top architects. The SMEG retro kettle combin

Svenskt Tenn

Decoration Leaf Pewter, designed by Birgitta Löwendahl for Svenskt Tenn. With inspiration from Estrid Ericson’s design, where the oak leaf is often recurrent, Birgitta Löwendahl designed this oak leaf in 2012 for Svenskt Tenn.

Svenskt Tenn

This limited plate of 100 pieces has been designed to the Fornasetti exhibition at Svenskt Tenn in February - Platter Fornasetti, Rectangle, Fornasetti